we import and sell bulk green coffee.

Koben Yah is the Mayan word for chef.

We chose that name for our company because we source the finest green coffee beans for the flawless cup of our coffee the same way a chef approaches a perfect plate of food. We search for the optimum raw ingredients, pay attention to how the ingredients are grown, accept only the finest of the crop, and import it to you.

Treat people well. Buy only the best. Respect the beans.

Our philosophy is simple: We work directly with small-batch coffee growers from around the world, buy only the highest grade high-altitude coffees, and pay these families of growers a price that ensures they can continue to enrich their lives through their work. Over nearly 20 years of embracing this philosophy, we have built friendships, homes and college educations for our families of growers.

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All of our imports are high-altitude coffees grown 1600-2100 meters above sea level. The cooler temperatures and lower humidity of this setting ensures healthier beans and fewer insect or fungus defects. We only import Arabica beans of Bourbon and Caturra cultivar varieties.


We travel the globe looking for the best green coffee. Explore our current offerings and gain an insight on the story behind our excellent coffee and the people that make it possible.


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